Mild Ketchup


Delicious and mild tomato sauce.

Our Mild Ketchup is made from ripe tomatoes with a unique vegetable, herb and spice mix. This gives it its exceptional and delicious taste and aroma. It’s an excellent additive to many dishes. It is especially recommended for pizzas, hot-dogs, hamburgers, barbeque or grilled dishes as well as for chips and French fries.
Our Mild Ketchup is bottled in 250 and 500 g plastic bottles and 5,5 kg buckets.



Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:
energy value –388 kcal
lipids – 0,36 g
saturates – 0,20 g
carbohydrates – 19,23 g
sugars – 18,92 g
protein – 7,90g
salt – 1,26 g