Mayonnaise made with fresh eggs, produced according to our valued, traditional recipe for over 30 years now.

majonez wiaderko1
Traditional Mayonnaise and 100 % Natural Mayonnaise, due to their unique recipes and high rapeseed oil content are an excellent base for vegetable salads, dips and sandwich spreads. They also forms an ideal base for cold dressings and sauces. Packed in 5kg buckets, they constitute the perfect offer for the HoReCa sector, schools, hospitals, and food producers.
Ideal for use in salads, for starters, pastries, cakes, and many more.


Technical Parameters:
Weight: 5 kg
Stability (days): 120
Packaging: plastic bucket
Pieces: 1
EAN: ……………………..
Product dimensions: 224×205 mm
Pallet height: 1300 mm
Pallet weight in: 540 kg