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Many years of experience, continuously broadened knowledge, well trained staff, modern technologies and the highest quality services is all a part of our success which we are so very proud of. Our active presence for over forty years in the sector has allowed us to gain insightful knowledge of the Polish and European market. We operate in accordance with European standards, using the best Polish recipes and traditional solutions throughout our production processes. Our products are produced only from the highest quality, natural ingredients. All our actions and operations are covered by HACCP, ISO, Global Gap, BRC, IFS etc. quality systems. The trust that you have placed in us over decades is our greatest inspiration in our work.


The Białuty Company was established in 1976. Thanks to the dedication and involvement of our employees, we managed to build a strong market position in Poland and to promote our strong and recognisable BIAŁUTY label Key dates in our history:

1976 Company established

1984 Start-up of apple concentrate and mayonnaise production
1995 Company activities expanded by packaged potatoes and onions
1996 First potato storehouse built
2003 Certificate of conformity in relation to HACCP and ISO requirements
2004 Modernisation of food concentrate lines – marked increase in production
2006 Construction of a modern warehouse
2011 Founding of Agrin Sp. z o.o. and Biagro Sp. z o.o. producer groups
2012 Conversion of cooperative into commercial company
2015 Construction of modern boiler plant

2019 Construction of modern treatment

2020 Green energy in Bialuty

2021 Construction of drying corn and warehuse

Our Mission

We are proud of our place on this earth.

We want to share everything that we produce with our Clients because we believe sharing high quality products are values to be enjoyed by all. We take care to ensure that everyone who reaches for our products will do so gladly and with unfailing trust. Our staff is comprised of the people of this Land. Our work is the source of the livelihoods of our families.

The Environment and Sustainability

Concern for the local environment and harnessing renewable energy sources is one of our imperatives.

We very carefully select and plan our crop cultivation by ensuring harmony and balance in the natural environment and by counteracting soil degradation. We apply fertilisers to our croplands in a responsible and even-handed manner, following stringent soil testing procedures. Plant protection products are used in accordance with good agricultural practice and in line with current protection measures.
We are also dedicated to acquiring energy from renewable sources. We are planning on significantly reducing the use of traditional energy sources and enhancing the energy balance.
We are also investing in the construction of a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, boiler plant and photovoltaic panels.
All these endeavours are aimed at protecting our climate and our natural environment.